Aug 29

Project LiveWire

As you recall from our article entitled Electric Motorcycle, the electric motorcycle has been having a hard time being taken seriously here in the USA. Well, it might just have a fighting chance. Harley-Davidson has been developing an electric motorcycle called Project LiveWire. It isn’t available for purchase yet but Harley-Davidson wants to know what you think about it. So much so, that they are taking Project LiveWire on the road, literally. Harley-Davidson is sending Project LiveWire to select local dealerships so that you can get a look at it and let them know your thoughts on the bike.

We will try to keep you posted on the Project LiveWire tour dates but from seeing the pictures and videos on the web page, we think they might be onto something.

Project LiveWire

Right now it looks like Great South Harley-Davidson in Newnan, GA is the closest dealership on the tour. See the event for more details.

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