Apr 01

Tire Speed Rating

Ever wonder what the Speed Rating on your motorcycle tire actually means. Yes, it is the rating for the speed that your tire was designed to safely go without risk of tire failure but what does “P” mean?

Well here is a simple chart that will hopefully take some of the mystery out of Speed Rating.

Motorcycle Tire Speed Rating Chart

Speed Rating Tire Design Speed Limits
H Up to 30mph
Flotation Up to 50mph
J Up to 62mph
Scooter Up to 62mph
N Up to 87mph
P Up to 93mph
S Up to 112mph
V Up to 149mph
W Up to 168mph
Z Over 149mph

Using the above example, we see that a Speed Rating of “P” means that your tire is rated to go up 93mph safely. Also, that deal you found online for “J” rated tires might not be the wisest choice if you plan to ride on the interstate or the track.

Speed Rating Final Thoughts

Knowing the “Speed Rating” that your tire is designed to meet allows you to select a tire to match your style of riding. Another thing to remember is to have tires with the same Speed Rating on your bike since the top speed you can travel safely is limited by the slowest speed rated tire.

Ride Safe!

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