Jul 11

GA180 – The Curviest Road in Georgia?

GA180 is a nice, curvy motorcycle road between Suches and Blairsville. It connects GA60 and US19/129. Starting at the old location of T.W.O. (if you remember it before it closed) and ends at the Vogel State Park.

As for the curviest road in Georgia, well take a ride on it and let us know what you decide.


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Jun 23

International Motorcycle Show

Well, sad to say but the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) will not be coming to Atlanta this time! As a matter of fact, if you want to see one of the International Motorcycle Shows this time, you’ll have to go to Miami or D.C.

In the past, Atlanta has hosted the International Motorcycle SHow at the Cobb Galleria and the World Congress Center and when it wasn’t here, it was in Greenville, SC. However, this year we have been overlooked. If you want it back, let them know!

Check out the schedule: International Motorcycle Shows Tour Schedule

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Jun 20

The Basics of Motorcycle Gear

Here is an article on motorcycle gear entitled “Gearing Up: A Guide to the Basics of Motorcycle Safety Gear”. It covers some of the basics of purchasing motorcycle gear. Yes, we know that motorcycle gear can be expensive but it lasts a long time and if it can keep you from dying (or at least protect from getting a bad case of road rash), isn’t it worth the cost?

Source: Fix.com

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Jun 18

A Tune-up For You And Your Motorcycle

Here is an article about getting you and your motorcycle ready for the road…

Source: Fix.com

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Jun 13

Wolf Pen Gap

Another good article from Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. In this one the author revisits Wolf Pen Gap after 5 years. And yes, for you motorcycle campers, TWO has closed. Even if you didn’t camp, it was a great place to visit for a quick rest or a meal. Sad to see it go.


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