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Disciples of Antioch

Disciples of Antioch
Disciples of Antioch
We are a motorcycle ministry out of Stockbridge Community Church. Our goal is to win souls for Christ through the fellowship of riding motorcycles.

Disciples of Antioch is a motorcycle ministry designed for the interest in riding motorcycles and the fellowship of Christians. We launched our ministry in April of 2017. This club is not about Christians getting together once a month and riding together but more about winning the souls of the lost for Christ. We can accomplish this through monthly rides which all are welcome, non-Christians and Christians. To be a patched member of the club, we just ask that you strive to live a Christ-like life daily. We will do more than just ride together. We will help with events in the area and also those in need. We will host charity rides that benefit either a single person in need, family in need or a charity of our voted choice. This motorcycle ministry will be hosted by Stockbridge Community Church and will not be exclusively for those that attend SCC. There will be no monthly dues to join our group because we are not looking for any monetary gain however, offerings are encouraged for the purpose of motorcycle rallies and other events. Members will have to purchase their own patch/vest and must wear their vest during every ride/event unless advised by the president or vice president. All members must either drive a motorcycle or be the rider of a motorcycle. The club is open to males, females, any style motorcycle and age is not an issue.

It will be the mission of the club to bring Christians and non-Christians together to fellowship and ride. We will strive to win people to Christ through our fellowship and representation of our character with our patched members. We will, in hopes, be known throughout the community as the motorcycle club that accepts all types of people with various backgrounds and experiences.

The officer structure for the ministry will be as follows:

– President………….Matt Davis
– Vice President…..D. Chandler
– Sgt. at Arms……..Shaun Crowder
– Road Captain……Chuck Dyer
– Secretary………….Tamara Davis
– Treasurer………….Cathi Chandler
– Tail Gunner……….Brandon Keller
– Chaplain…………..Christoff Solomon

Club rules:
– Strive to live a Christ-Like life daily
– No consumption of alcohol while wearing your vest and
representing the ministry
– No use of foul language while wearing your vest and representing
the ministry
– Must not miss more than three scheduled monthly rides
consecutively without a legitimate excuse

Road Rules/Structure:
Rules of the road while riding as a group are simple. We will drive at a speed no less than the posted speed limit. We will strive to ride in an organized side-by-side or staggered fashion and in order of the officers in front followed by the members. We will attempt to use back roads and only use the interstate if necessary. Vest must be worn during all club rides. There will be absolutely no burnouts, wheel stands, racing or any other illegal driving activity. If the need to stop for mechanical failure is presented, the group as a whole will pull over and assist the club member or find alternative options.

Other Information:
For our scheduled monthly rides, we will start at SCC most of the time. From there, we will ride to our voted destination. All destinations will be the ideas of the members and voted on via meetings or email. We will not schedule rides during major events scheduled by SCC and we will attempt to help with said events if requested by SCC. If we are helping with the events, motorcycles must be driven/displayed and vest/club t-shirts will be worn in order to represent the ministry. From time to time, we will attempt to attend other motorcycle ministry events in the area to show our support with the common goal of winning souls to Christ. When doing charity work (excluding rides) for a major charity or for a single family/person, club t-shirts will be worn and depending on the charity, a single member or all members will be expected to help depending on the mission at hand if available.

New membership:
To join our ministry, you will be placed on a 3 month “prospect” phase at the start of your membership. You must pay $20 for the top rocker and get it sewn on the top of your vest. After the 3 month phase is completed and your dedication is determined, a vote will be made with the members to allow you to join. Upon receiving your acceptance vote, we will give you the logo patch and provide the service to get it sewn on at our cost. You can also be fast-tracked if one of the officers of the ministry can vouch for you. Then at that point, you will receiving the full patch set for $40 and you must have it sewn on your vest.

4401 Hwy 155 N

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